Overview | GSOUND
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GSOUND is the most beautiful app that enables you to identify, get information and purchase products about songs, lyrics, movies and TV shows by recording just a few seconds of sound!

Music lovers can:
• Identify millions of songs
• Obtain millions of lyrics
• Listen free music from 8tracks
• Purchase songs
• Watch music videos  from YouTube

Movies and TV lovers can:

• Identify thousands of American movies and TV shows
• Details on titles, actors/actresses and episodes!

You can also:
• Shop for products from Amazon
• Share with friends on Facebook and Twitter


Whether it’s a song that brings you back to the summer of 1993 or a beloved character from your favorite film, music, tv shows and movies are time capsules for our memories. And similar to time capsules, each sound from a song, tv show or movie contains a unique combination that can be used to identify distinguished information (e.g. name of the artist, publication date, trivia), almost like a fingerprint. In fact, the technical term is referred to as an audio fingerprint.

We store this information and present it to you via our innovative 3-in-1 sound recognition technology. Every search triggers three queries that allow us to not only identify the song, but all of its associations.