Overview | GSOUND
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GSOUND is Axwave’s free demo App that lets you recognize Live TV, On Demand TV, music and movies. The NEW Auto Discovery even lets you find songs and lyrics when your screen is locked.


With Gsound, music lovers can:
• Auto Discovery: recognize any song also when the phone is locked!
• Obtain millions of lyrics
• Purchase songs directly on 7digital
• Watch music videos and concerts on YouTube
• Find millions of music titles, artists and discography information for your songs
• Buy t-shirts, CD, Vinyl Record and more on Amazon!

Movies and TV lovers can:
• Identify Live TV and  connect with the products shown on TV and shop for them on Amazon.
• Discover thousands of American movies and TV shows  - Our database is growing every week! The entire Netflix catalog is covered!
• Find ratings and trailers on IMDB
• Share what you are watching with friends on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter


Find out what so many others are talking about and start to connect to your TV shows, songs and movies!


Whether it’s a song that brings you back to the summer of 1993 or a beloved character from your favorite film, music, tv shows and movies are time capsules for our memories. And similar to time capsules, each sound from a song, tv show or movie contains a unique combination that can be used to identify distinguished information (e.g. name of the artist, publication date, trivia), almost like a fingerprint. In fact, the technical term is referred to as an audio fingerprint. Axwave’s demo App GSOUND, captures these audio fingerprints as a moment in time. We then store this information and present it to you via our innovative 3-in-1 sound recognition technology. This lets us recognize liveTV, On Demand TV, movies, ads and millions of songs.